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Want to learn how to write winning grant applications? Ask for donations face-to-face? Plan for a capital campaign? Write On Fundraising’s monthly, 1.5-hour Write On Fundraising Masterclass series is for novice and intermediate fundraisers (nonprofit staff and volunteers) looking to polish their fundraising prowess and raise more money for their favorite organizations!

Lindsay Jordan, MNM, CFRE

Lindsay Jordan, MNM, CFRE

Lindsay Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Write On Fundraising.

Lindsay has a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and is a Certified Fund Raising Executive. In addition, in 2020, Lindsay was recognized as a Most Admired CEO by the Journal Record.

Prior to founding Write On Fundraising, Lindsay worked at several large nonprofits as the Director of Development, including Sweet Adelines International, YWCA Tulsa, and the Alzheimers Association.

With years of fundraising experience and passion for the nonprofit sector, Lindsay works to provide opportunities to nonprofits to extend their impact, creating access points to funding for organizations of all sizes.

Writing Winning Grant Applications

There is a big difference between being able to write a grant and winning funding from foundations. In this masterclass, we’ll call out some common missteps and “sacred cows” in grant writing and show you how to win more funding through your applications.

Making a face-to-face ask: How to not make it weird!

No topic inspires greater seat-squirming than that of asking for a gift face-to-face. Many board members, development volunteers, and even seasoned nonprofit professionals simply melt in the face of the single most effective way to win funds for your organization. In this masterclass, we’ll tackle common fundraising fears head-on, arming you with the tools you need to confidently invite support from existing friends and new donors.

End-of-year fundraising appeal tips and tricks

Ah - the end-of-year appeal… the tried and true fundraising method that most nonprofits don’t really know how to use. When do you send it? What do you say? Who do you send it to? Spoiler alert: these are the wrong questions. Join us as we unpackage all the misnomers about end-of-year fundraising and share with you our tips and tricks that actually work.

"Lindsay Jordan is a refreshingly straightforward and forward-thinking strategist who really gets things done. Clients at any stage of fundraising will find something to learn from her!"

- Mana